Thursday, March 06, 2008

Garage Martial Artists

It is interesting. In my hometown that some of the worst martial artists own the biggest schools and have the most "credentials." I had to put credentials in quotes because the credentials that they have are either fake or from a disreputable organization.

Then, on the other hand. I know these guys who are training in basements who would straight whip a mother fuckers ass. Not to say that these guys don't associate with martial arts big wigs, but they spend a lot of time training on their own and get with the big wigs when they can. Yet, if a person from the public were to judge, who has the credentials, they would look at the guy with the big school legit when he couldn't whip his way out of a Meijer bag (damn that is a flimsy bag).

Anyway, I decided to try to get a martial arts club going and setting myself up as 0ne of its instructors. I have to role my eyes every time I look at a my own martial arts certificates and licenses. Lets face it. A martial arts certificate isn't worth the paper it's written on, yet people want to see it. Granted I worked hard and got mine the old fashioned way, but how in the hell could I prove that?

I saw a Muay Thai class the other day, either the instructor didn't know much or he isn't bothering to teach anything. From watching him it looked to me like he had the traditional bad Muay Thai hands as well. Of course, he has the obligatory big certificate and a picture of himself holding up a championship belt. I am willing to wager that every person in who teaches Muay Thai has a big certificate and a championship from god knows where. What do you make of that?

Here is what I make of it. People are full of shit.


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