Sunday, July 29, 2007

More Harry Potter

I guess there will be no more Harry Potter books; However, we can all look forward to the movies. However, it would be nice if Rowling would make some other "magic" books pertaining to the Harry Potter Universe. Yea maybe Harry's story is done; however, the the world of magic that has suffered years of inbreeding leading to insanity and, not to mention, the general sense of entitlement that certain factions of the wizarding community have. Let's face it their are stories to tell. In addition, you can't just build up an entire world over the course of 17 years and then let it all go can you?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Someone has stolen my idea and created an Encyclopedia Dramatica. Here is an article about the friend zone. I really like some of the things that you are supposed to say if they call, or how to get rid of them. I have to say that the man who wrote this is one bitter SOB.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Edge of Evolution

I was watching C-span and I saw a talk by the author of a book called the Edge of Evolution. The argument that the book puts forth is that evolution does not explain a number of phenomena that can only be explained by a design theory. It was a little weird, but the author seemed to argue that, all of the mutations that were necessary to make a human starting with a single-celled organism are too improbable.

The problem with the reasoning that the author uses is that he never seemed to get the ideas that evolution is not purposeful and it is not necessary for every possible mutation to be exhausted before a viable mutation can occur. So his ideas are hinged upon the notion that there is only one correct evolutionary solution and that all other possible solutions were exhausted before the"correct" adaptation took place. If this were the case, I would imagine that it would be impossible for evolution to have brought about life on earth. However, with my limited understanding of biology and chemistry, this seems pretty stupid.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Hey I have been managing my credit for a while now. I make my payments on time and occasionally charge stuff just to use my credit cards. It has worked. I have 1 credit card that only has 10% interest. I have also made it a point to open new accounts recently for the express point of establishing a long credit history with several places. Anyway, if you will look in my links. I found a cite that will give you a free report from each credit agency.

Pants Off Dance Off

So I was watching this TV show called the Pants Off Dance Off. It involved people stripping to their underwear while being judged by professional dancers. The show was retarded, but before I gathered my strength to turn the channel, I watched the first contestant. She was a total moron as one might expect. She was dedicating her performance her high school principal who told her that she would go nowhere in life. Well first of all, her principal was right. Being on the Pants off Dance of does not mean that you have arrived. Second, she really thought that she was something because she had been living in NY and working as a model for a while which brings me to my next point. I posit that as long as a girl doesn't have fat rolls she can probably model for a living; however, some girls who have fat rolls still model. My point is this: women don't have to be attractive to model. If you want to pose nude for art students, work for local artists, or generally take low level work then, you can model and waitress to make ends meet.

I don' t see modeling as noble work. It would seem to me that it is the kind of thing that you do when you don't have anything else that you can do and you need money, like stripping. Maybe it is an "I need feel pretty" thing. If you ask me, to some extent, modeling exists because mannequins can't dress themselves and are hard to pose the way you want. Therefore, it is easier to hire someone who is a little smarter than a mannequin to dress themselves and stand the way you want. Also, there really aren't that many women who are so good looking that guys almost have to look at them and actually have the ability to sell something independent of an advertising scheme. I am not saying that you have to be a supermodel to model; I just don't get it. As I said, modeling has a purposes, but it isn't something to brag about on national television.