Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is the Purpose of Martial Arts?

This video is interesting to me because it represents to me what MMA has started to do to traditional martial arts. In this video Faber is talking about how he was jumped by 10 -12 guys with weapons and all he did was punch kick and throw them. I will give the Faber credit as he was smart enough to know that ground fighting is out of the question in a street fight. However, he had a totally sport mind set. I guarantee you that if my instructor, who is about 55 years old, had fought these dudes, there would have been 10-12 dudes either knocked out, dead, or with a permanent injury. I don't fault Faber for training sport, and then of course, in a fight, he fights sport. That is just what happens. Moreover, I am a strong proponent of having a sport aspect in marital arts as it allows for us to develop timing, accuracy, and power while learning the benefits of sportsmanship. However, I have to say that I have seen far too many people who have forgotten that martial arts is ultimately about surviving life and death encounters, or they believe that MMA is a close enough approximation to a life and death encounter. Either way many martial artists believe the ultimate goal of a martial arts is related to what goes on in the MMA ring. I am sorry, but the first time that someone makes a move towards an out-numbered martial artist with a hammer, broken bottle, or brass knuckles, the next part of the story should involve words like crushed, broke, knocked out, gouged, or poked and not cross, knee, jab, and so on. Faber is easily one of the top 50 of martial arts competitors in the world, if he barely made it out alive due to a sport mind-set, what hope have we?


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