Monday, May 28, 2007

Larry Bird Quotes

I found some Larry Bird Quotes that show how times have changed. I think that in the 70's and 80's this language was much more common and maybe even acceptable. The first time that I remember this language starting to become unacceptable was when Jimmy the Greek got fired for his comment, "During the slave period, the slave owner would breed his big black with his big woman so that he would have a big black kid—that's where it all started."

I guess I am glad that people don't talk this way as much as they used to. Sometimes these comments can be funny when meant purely in the spirit of humor, but more often than not someone gets offended. Anyway here is one of his comments (the rest you can read thought he link). Larry is a white guy, I suppose that he can poke fun at white guys for not taking basketball seriously.

"As far as playing, I didn't care who guarded me - red, yellow, black. I just didn't want a white guy guarding me, because it's disrespect to my game."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Best QB's

Sports Nation Came out with a pole of the best quarter backs.
1 Peyton Manning
2 Tom Brady
3 Drew Brees
4 Carson Palmer
5 Donovan McNabb
6 Matt Hasslebeck
7 Brett Favre
8 Phillip Rivers
9 Marc Bulger
10 Vince Young

I don't see how any of these rookies made the list. They were not the best QB's last year.
If it were me I would put Carson Palmer above Tom Brady, Favre at 5 and Bulger at 6. I think that Bulger is a good QB. Favre has no help at all; he is surrounded by a lot of young guys who have not lived up to their potential yet.
Here is my test of a great QB. Look at the Bears; they have everything but a QB. Who would you want to be the QB for a single season? I think that Favre has to be in the top five. I think that a case can be made for putting Favre at 3 because he stays healthy in spite of no O line. In fact, I would put him at 3 the packers suck and no one could have good QB stats playing there. As much as I complain about Marvin Harrison he is way better than a lot of receivers.